Distributor of brand
HORA Regelarmaturen in Poland.

HORA Regelarmaturen

Company HORA valves are characterized by:

  • Terminals: threaded, flanged, welding
  • Drives: electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrohydraulic and manual
  • Execution: by DNI, ANSI
  • Media: Steam, Water, Oil (condensate), Air, Chemical Media
  • Pressure: from PN 6 to PN 630
  • Temperature: - 20 stC 600 stC
  • The company's products are delivered in accordance with PED 97/23 EC, certified according to EN 10204 3.1 B

Low pressure fittings

In the low-pressure valves deliver equipment from the following groupsHORA:

  • three-way valves and two bronze
  • two-and three-way valves with cast iron
  • two-and three-way valves of the security function
  • two-and three-way valves steel
  • mixing valves for heating
  • dampers (other companies)
  • electric linear actuators
  • electrohydraulic actuators
  • pneumatic drives
  • electric multi-turn actuators

High-pressure valves

In the high-pressure valves are delivered following the group's equipment HORA:

Minimum flow valves installed in piping systems, protect centrifugal pumps from damage caused by thermal and hydraulic overloading at low pump efficiency. This is done by automatically-controlled movement okrężnemu, which corresponds to the required minimum flow pump. Presented minimum flow valves may meet the following integrated features (no external power supply).

  • determine the flow
  • control the minimum flow and reduce pressure
  • have the function of check valve
  • feedwater control valves
  • injection valves
  • condensate valves
  • valves for gas
  • control valves for the oil
  • zawory redukcyjne pary
  • steam pressure-reducing valves
  • steam chillers
  • automatic valves, pumps recyrkulaci (minimum flow)
  • turbine bypass stations